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This experience is certainly something you will never forget!

Two of the old movie set buildings in Arcandia Village has been modified into an amazing "outdoor" dinner spaces.

Reservations can be made for 2-50 people for each setting.  

Experience includes: an entrance to the Park so you can easily add activities to your evening or just a walk around in the Park before or after your dinner and of course unique dinner setting with mixed Japanese and Finnish kitchen which you will grill yourself with glowing Hibachi Grills.


Grills, lamb hides and blankets will help to keep you warm even the air is cold. We also recommend extra heaters into your shoes, which you can also buy from us.

At the end we will warm you up again by the

Hunter´s Hut fireplace.


HOX! We do not recommend this experience straight for young children,

but if you think your kids would survive it and enjoy the experience/menu,

then of course! We have had many kids enjoying it already and they are still alive! :D

Kids can have their own set (price is the same), share together from one set or share a bit from yours or just order from our Hunter´s Hut restaurant example Hot Dogs to grill instead. How ever you wish! :)


If you like to add seats/plates for extra people without the Dinner menu, just buy him/her the normal Park Ticket (Darkness, Park Side) and add a small message into the dinner booking to add extra seats/plates for them.

For under 7y. kids, just add the small message :) 


Salmon, Scampi & Scallop

Reindeer filee & Black Angus (Petite Tender)

Mushroom & Spring onion

Kimchi & Truffle mayonnaise

Soy sauce, Ginger

Wasabi & Smoked salt

(Nice fresh bread can be added separately to the menu as an extra, at the end of booking)


For Dessert roasting giant Marshmallows

by the warm fire in Hunter´s Hut.


Including entrance to the Park Side.
OBS! Bookings at least 48h beforehand through our website. 24h beforehand 
through our sales.

OBS!! Dinner on New Year´s Eve, is part of our bigger event New Year New Moon, which is bookable separately from our events.

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