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Arctic Colosseum has a spectacular atmosphere. A unique arctic outdoor arena offering activities, experiences and events. Our special light and sound systems lift the spirit for the monumental fighting arena!

Arctic Colosseum´s gates open latest in December 2020

depending on the weather and snow situation. 

Our first winter season of 2020 we will lay the foundations of the Arena:

Size: 350-400 square meters 

Stand seats: 50-100 people.

Capacity: bigger events possible up to 400 people.


Development is continuing on following years.


Check for availability and book tickets online before you visit Arcandia to make the most of your time with us. Prepaid bookings have priority and other bookings will be given allocated times when available. For last minute bookings (12 hours prior) please visit Arcandia or call us +358405393764. 

VIP - sessions in advance:

 Snow balls


Welcome to the Arctic Colosseum and have fun with our Snow Balls!


Snow Balls are transparent knockerballs where your upper body is covered and your legs are free to jump and run. 

Hands on handles.

On open sessions you can just come and have fun among the others. Make a volt or bump into other balls while having a laugh of your life!

Maximum of 16 Snow Balls in the arena at one time. Those the pre-booked tickets have priority.

OBS! This activity is suitable for children over 7y and we have a separate area for children 7-12y. Adult supervision is required.

 Snow Ball fights

In this fight, you will be the snow ball yourself!


Fighters are divided in teams and and try to get as many points as they can from different missions.

Staying upright and following your team's plan whilst bumping into each other and laughing is challenging! Suitable for everyone seeking challenges and laughter. 

OBS! Please note age limit for Snow Ball Fight is 12y.

 VIP - Events & Groups

Snow Ball Fights are great for groups or for special events. Book the arena to keep the action close to you!

The arena is a perfect place for large outdoor events. A memorable location for concerts, launches and corporate tournaments. Contact us for more info: 



Slots:        Every day


                  Open sessions

                  1-2pm, 3-6pm



                  2-3pm and 6-7pm  

Price:        Open sessions 20€/20min

                  Kids 7-12y. with adult

                      supervision 15€/20min.    

                      Family ticket 2+2    60€.


                  Snow Ball Fights



                  Open session 20min

                  + 1h fight    50€/player

Suitability:   Open sessions over 7y.

                      Snow Ball Fights over 12y.

VIP - sessions:   bookable for groups                                   on advance


Snow balls, open sessions

Snow Ball fights