business ticket


This ticket can be used once in a day by anyone for the whole season (October 2022 - March 2023)

during our opening times excluding bigger events. 


Price: 250€/ticket



Meet the owner and creator of Arcandia. Hear the whole mysterious story and history of the park, future plans and see all the places you are not allowed to go otherwise.

Duration 1,5h. Price. 45€/adult,  35€/child with an adult. 

Under 7v. free of charge with paying

adult. Minimum payment 450€.

Park ticket

With this ticket you are welcome to public areas freely for one day during our opening hours (excluding bigger events). Includes 1 Arcandia Coin.

Price: 15€/adult,  10€/7-12y. child with an adult. 

Under 7v. free of charge with an adult.

Park pass

With this Pass you are welcome to public areas freely during our opening times for the whole season (October 2022 - March 2023). Includes 2 Arcandia Coins. 

Price: 25€/adult,  15€/7-12y. child with an adult. 

Under 7v. free of charge with an adult.

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Park info

Welcome to Arcandia! 

VIP - Groups are welcome to the park any day all year-round and any time with reservations beforehand by possibilities.

Opening hours for public on Season III (2022-23):

updated 23.6.2022



19.-21.10   Wednesday - Friday at 6-10pm

26.-27.10   Wednesday - Thursday at 6-10pm

28.10         Arcandia Eclipse II (Halloween) - Event


Winter Season part 1

16.11-1.12   Wednesday - Thursday at 6-10pm


Christmas Season

5.-16.12    Monday - Friday at 3-10pm

19.12-7.1   Monday - Sunday at 3-10pm

31.12         New Year, New Moon II - Event


Winter Season part 2

11.1-24.3   Wednesday - Friday at 6-10pm

OBS! If the park is empty, we may close the gates from public already earlier or not to even open them at all. Reasons can be rough weather (too cold, storm etc..) or safety issues.

Tickets to our adventures or events can be bought in advance from our "ADVENTURES" or "EVENTS" -pages or from the park.

Park rules

You are welcome to take pictures and help spread the word about our amazing place! Please tag us in your posts: @arcandialevi @arcandia.arcticadventurepark #arcandia #levilapland

Please note that our visitors are always responsible for their own actions in Arcadia.

We try to make your visit as easy and safe as possible despite the challenging weather conditions.

Unfortunately, our park is not suitable for wheelchairs at this moment.

Please, do not approach any buildings which are marked "NO ENTRY" or behind fences for safety reasons!


Our cozy Hunter´s Hut -restaurant will be open to feed your hunger and quench your thirst. Please don't bring your own food to our park.

Any kind of littering in the area is strictly forbidden! There are waste sorting points for garbage.


Pets are not allowed to the park.

info for the ADVENTURES

Please be on time. If you have any problems or questions please call us on +358405393764 or contact to our info. 


How to get here

We are located on Kaakkoisrinteentie 2, 99130 Sirkka, about 8,5km from the Levi centre between South Point and Levi Golf. You can drive to us (free parking), downhill skiing/snowboard (skilift 7B), cross-country skiing, snowmobile or call taxi: +35820099200.


What to wear / What to bring

This is an outdoor activity. Rain or -30 degrees is not a problem, action will keep you warm. 


  • wear outdoor clothes in layers

  • shoes for the weather and easy to move with

  • a woolly hat or hood (winter time)

  • gloves instead of mittens (winter time)

  • contact lenses instead of eye glasses if possible (winter time)

  • necessary medications for example asthma and heart meds etc..

Food and Alcohol Policy

We offer warm juice and water during your experience. Please do not bring your own food and drinks. Snacks and refreshments are available at our restaurant. For VIP - sessions (bigger groups) you are also able to order snacks and drinks on set before hand.

We don´t recommend to take part in our programs after drinking alcohol.

Security and damage policy

Our company has liability insurance in case of accidents caused by the company. We do not insure customers against accidents not caused by our company. Our equipment does not harm anyone, and customers carefully listen/read through safety instructions before the action. Customers are responsible for their own movements. In case the customer, for example, stumbles and gets hurt, it should be covered by customers / company’s own insurance. All accidents are reported in Arcandia´s safety documentation. The customer is liable to reimburse all damage caused, for instance lost property of Arctic Thrill Oy. Arctic Thrill Oy is liable to clarify the price of a broken or lost product / component as quickly as possible. Any law /trial cases will be processed here in Finland, District court of Lapland.



Cancellations with refunds available for open programs 48h and VIP - sessions 7 days before. Cancellation fee 3% from the total booking price. All cancellations by email to

If you don´t get any acknowledgment after 24h, call us +358405393764.



I wanted to create something beyond imagination. 

Something that you would never forget.

There is no ready made or branded story in Arcandia.

Each story begins, when you step in.

How Arcandia was born, that´s my story.

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