SHAMAn warriors

Welcome to Arcandia´s Shaman Village for Shaman Warrior training!

The main point is to find and get aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as a warrior.

Shaman Warriors are challenged in many aspects of hunting and fighting. We test you for strength, speed, reaction time, targeting, survival and important strategy skills. 


All warriors are divided into tribes. If tribes survives the training, they will be taken into the Shaman cave for the Warrior baptism.

Level 1 is suitable for all those, who are still a bit insecure about their own skills or are on their early stage of training like younger warriors under 12y. Children under 12y, can participate only with an adult (max. 1-2 children/adult). 


Level 2: is suitable for all those, who are seeking already more challenges. Age limit 12y.

Duration:        2-2,5 hours

Price:        95€ adult


                  Children 7-12y. 75€,

                  under 7v. free of charge

                  with an adult.


                  Family 2+2      300€

VIP - sessions:    Private sessions only   

                              trough our sales: