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Welcome to our mysterious Shaman Village,

where we train and baptize our Shaman Warriors.


Shaman Village is open for public by possibilities but this Village and Shaman´s Cave is also possible to rent for VIP groups and events like weddings, parties, dinners etc..  

Shaman Village Games: throw axes and spears, catch arrows from the air and practice fencing with soft swords.

All Village Games are paid with Arcandia Coins, 1 coin/game. 


village games

Shaman´s Cave



Kammi´s spirit is strong and mysterious.

It ables different kind of events and happenings for max. 100 people. So if you have ever dreamed about example Fantasy Weddings in "Viking" stylish surroundings, this is it! <3 

We also use Kammi as our Pop Up - cafe/bar/restaurant during the season.

Here we normally offer also all our shaman Warrior Rituals.


SHAMAn warrior


The main point is to find and get aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as a warrior.

Candidates are challenged and trained in many aspects of hunting and fighting skills; strength, speed, reaction time, targeting, etc. example with axes and spears, archeries, boffering (shields and soft swords and other weapons).

At the end, all warriors will go through the shaman Warrior Baptism.

This activity is mainly for adults but suitable also for younger candidates with an adult. Kids can try to participate as much as they can. There is no equipment separately for kids.


approx. 3h


4-10 participants 950€

Extras 95€/participant

For bigger +20 groups offers separately.



Shaman Warrior Ritual

Includes the oath and baptism. There are normally 1-2

Rituals kept per evening when park is open for public. Duration depends how many participants there are. We take max. 20 people at the same time for open Rituals.


First all candidates are melting their own Shaman Warrior Figure from bee wax in the fire. Figures will bee read by the Shaman Witch (Noidi). After reading, spirits are called in for the baptism and they will be drummed under the skin.

Price. 4 Arcandia Coins/participant

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