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SHAMAn warrior

 Primary training

Welcome to Arcandia´s Shaman Village for Shaman Warrior Primary Training!

The main point is to find and get aware of your own strengths and weaknesses as a warrior.

Candidates are challenged and trained in many aspects of hunting and fighting skills; strength, speed, reaction time, targeting, etc. example with axes and spears, archeries, boffering (shields and soft swords and other weapons).



This activity is mainly for adults but suitable also for younger candidates with an adult. Kids can try to participate as much as they can. 

There is no equipment separately for kids.

Duration:        approx. 1,5 hours

Price:        50€ adult


                  Children 7-12y. 40€,

                  under 7v. free of charge

                  with an adult.

VIP - sessions:    Private sessions for  

                              bigger groups only   

                              through our sales:


Shaman Village is open for public during December - January and bigger Warrior training programs are only for bigger groups during this time.  Here you can throw axes, spears, catch arrows from the air and practice fencing with soft swords.

All Village Games are paid with Arcandia Coins, 1 coin/game.