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at the moment we are open only for groups by reservations and possibilities.

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In 2009, an amazing movie set was built for a movie called Nicholas North . Built next to the fells of Levi, creating a collection of magical buildings.

The film was never produced after facing economical issues, but fortunately the buildings remain. Creating a fantastic setting for letting your imagination go wild.

After many years of being hidden and locked away, a local entrepreneur with years of experience in outdoor laser tag and archery tag saw the potential of such a great location.


In 2019 she started to make her ultimate dreams  of much bigger concept come true. Arcandia was created, a place of unique fantasy and action experiences for people to enjoy.

Arcandia - Arctic Adventure Park: a place for everyone wanting unique fantasy and action themed experiences. Perfect for solo travelers, families, groups and companies. 


Arcadia is for people who love action and also for those who just want to explore the sets and atmosphere.

Our light, smoke and sound effects will take you into its own epic fantasy and action game world.


The Four Zones of the Park:

Arcandia Village 

Action Park

Shaman Village

Arctic Colosseum


Our adventures are suitable  mainly for adults. Children are welcome to join us with adult supervision in some of our programs.