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Welcome to our Action Park to experience

unforgettable strategy games!

Our adventures are suited to all adrenalin hunters.

Develop your inner hunter and team work skills.

Check for availability and book tickets online before you visit Arcandia to make the most of your time with us. Prepaid bookings have priority and other bookings will be given allocated times when available. For last minute bookings (12 hours prior) please visit Arcandia or call us +358405393764. 

VIP - sessions and bigger groups in advance:



Welcome to Arcandia´s Soldiers - Experience!

Outdoor Laser Tag in the cold arctic darkness with sparkling snow, laser-, smoke- and light effects is just something you wanna do again and again!


But this is not just a laser tag experience, we are taking it much deeper into a combat world.

Pull your family/team together and make a solid strategy. Take the enemy sniper down but cover your own. Attack and conquer the buildings and try to make points as much as you can avoiding those nasty red lasers yourself! 

All soldiers are divided into teams and educated by our tough Commanders. Their main job is to teach combat and strategy skills and how to find/use strengths and lacks as a team. More missions and challenges added round by round as teams evolve.

Advanced equipment is offering high quality experience:

  • Half automatic/automatic MS4- laser tags: LCD-screen (game time, points, hits, shots, rank, etc.), red laser and sniper aimer, hit sensors and color codes

  • Bigger Sniper tags: telescopic aimer, LCD-screen (game time, points, hits, shots, rank, etc.), hit sensors and color codes 

  • Camo helmet with hit sensors and color codes


Level 1 is suitable for all those, who are still a bit unsure of their own skills or are in their early stages of education like younger soldiers under 12y. 

OBS! All under 12y, can participate only with an adult (max. 1-2 children/adult). This program is mainly for adults but kids can participate as much as they can with the adults. 

Level 2 is suitable for all those, who are seeking more challenges. 

Duration:  2,5h

Price:  70€/adult

60€/kids 7-12y. and under 7y. free of charge with an adult.

Suitability:  Level 1 for families

and level 2 for over 12y.

This program is for everyone!

VIP - sessions: 

bookable every day on advance



Welcome to Arcandia´s Hunters - Experience!


You have now official permission to hunt each other with bows and arrows.


Archery Tag® is originally from United States and is well known around the world but we brought it for the first time to Finland in spring 2017 and we created completely new concepts with it for the arctic surroundings.


Games are played with bows, masks and foam-tipped arrows which do not hurt but you can feel the hit. 

All Hunters will be divided in teams and educated by our Master Hunters. After that all you need is solid team work!

Program is suitable for all those, who are seeking more challenges. Especially for those who have experienced example paint- or/and softball. This is something that can give you a great new kick! 

Duration:  2h

Price:  55€/player

Suitability:  over 12y.

This activity is only available for groups (6+)


or +358405393764


hunger games


Welcome to real Arctic Hunger Games!

When Soldiers, Snipers and Hunters are mixed together into the same game, we get something epic!


This is our most strategical and extreme concept in Action Park.

Whichever weapon you choose, you will need your whole team to survive from the mission impossible! Bomb has been set..


This game is preferred normally already more advanced players but it is suitable also for those first timers and adrenaline hunters, who are seeking more harder and strategical game experience. 

All players are first divided into teams and trained by our Commanders and Master Hunters, but then...

you´re on your own...

Duration:  3h

Price:  85€/player

Suitability:  over 12y.

This activity is only available for groups (8+)


or +358405393764

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