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Arcandia is a magical little park with unique experiences. Come with an open mind and senses, time and patience.

There is no map of the area. 

Park has nothing to do with religions or there is nothing to be scared about, even in the darkness. 

So welcome!

"The story begins, when you step in."

In 2009, an amazing movie set was built for a movie called Nicholas North. Built next to the fells of Levi, creating a collection of magical buildings.

The film was never produced after facing economical issues, but fortunately the buildings remain.

Creating a fantastic setting for letting your imagination go wild.

After many years of being hidden and locked away, a local entrepreneur with years of experience in outdoor laser tag and archery tag saw the potential of such a great location.


In 2019 she started to make her ultimate dreams  of much bigger concept come true. 

A place for everyone wanting unique fantasy
and action themed experiences. Perfect for solo travelers, families, groups and companies. 
Arcandia is for people who love  fantasy and action.
Also for those who just want to explore the sets and atmosphere.

Our light, smoke and sound effects will take you into
its own epic fantasy and action game world.
The Four Zones of the Park:
Arcandia Village 
Action Park
Shaman Village
Arctic Colosseum
Path of Light
Path of Darkness


The story behind Arcandia is actually something, that has grown into a huge true story about things you cannot explain anymore with sense but can be proved. We would like to tell this to every one of you, but at this moment it is still impossible (we are working on it). The only one who can tell it, is Viivi, the girl behind Arcandia. When she bought the area, she was dreaming of creating just cool fiction stories and experiences. She never knew that those stories would actually wake up alive for real. This story can change and challenge your beliefs about life and people. So we warmly recommend firstly to meet her in live, and book the Shaman Witch - Program VIIVI.


Arcandia is for everyone. You can do a lot or nothing. Up to you. You will never pay anything extra or things you do not like or can do.

There are experiences and services for all ages. Daylight (The Elf Court) is created mainly for families. Darkness mainly adults and kids above 7y., so that is why under 7y.:s are welcome to enter in the Darkness free of charge with an adult. It also depends a lot of them (how strong, tall, active etc..they are) how much they can do. They can participate as much as they can also with your help. Kids always under adults supervision in the Park for safety reasons!


Outdoor Laser Tag program in Action Park has been serving and uniting families already since 2014 in Levi. Children who are not able to carry our laser tagger yet, are running around example as "scouts" and "alarms". So for the families we always recommend firstly Outdoor Laser Tag. It really is worth it and cause the experience is including the park tickets, you can still see rest of the park as well before or after your games! :)


YES. We serve always first all pre-bookings. You can buy Park Tickets also from the gate, but if the Park is full, we will let you in when ever same amount of people gets out. All programs for singles, couples, families, small groups (under 10 people) are booked through our webpages. Bigger groups through our sales


Yes. But we don´t have our own kitchen in Arcandia, so it´s not that simple. 

We don´t prepare food at all in Arcandia, we have only those snacks to sell for grill at the fire and really nice cooperation restaurants, who are delivering their menus into Arcandia. If you´re interested something real unique, then our Arcandia Dinner is the one we firstly recommend. When your food starts to freeze on your plate (if it´s cold enough), you just rip it off and grill it. Also your wine can freeze in the Viking style cup, but you just melt it on top the grill and voilá :D Arcandia Dinner is also including entrance to the park so you can easily add our Non Stop Experiences (1-5 coins/experience/person) to your evening just by buying Arcandia Coins as many as you like (3€/each). If the Kids are not keen about the menu, you can just buy them normal park tickets and example grill some Hot Dogs, Sausages, Meat Bunns, Marshmallows, Stick Bunns etc. in Hunter´s Hut restaurant next to the Arcandia Dinner building ☺️  Other Menus for VIP´s or groups on Shaman´s Cave or Hunter´s Hut through our sales:


Arcandia is located at the back of Levi fell so about 8,5km from the Levi centre. The easiest way is to call our cooperation Taxi which will take you from where and when ever with -10% discount: +358440666766. We also have sales and meeting point in Levi centre, just in front of Design Hotel, on the other side of the route, just before the roundabout. You can buy/book tickets/games also from there or just have the 2-way-transfers 10€/person. Timetables for our shuttle you find from here.


opening hours

VIP - Groups all year-round with pre-reservations:

*OBS! On season IV, we welcome guests in mainly with pre-tickets (booked latest 24 hours before)


The Elf Court opening times and packages from here


Darkness open on Season IV (2023-24):  updated 30.7



18.-26.10   Wednesday - Thursday at 6-(8pm*)10pm

27.10         Arcandia Eclipse III (Halloween) - Event


Winter Season part 1

22.11-30.11   Wednesday - Thursday at 6-(8*)10pm


Christmas Season

4.-16.12     Monday - Saturday at 6-(8*)10pm

18.12-6.1   Monday - Saturday at 3-(8*)10pm

                  Sunday 24th 5-(6)8pm

31.12          New Year, New Moon II - Event


Winter Season part 2/Spring

8.1-21.3   Monday - Friday at 6-(8*)10pm

*OBS! To serve everyone in the best possible way, we welcome guests to the Park mainly with pre-tickets anymore (booked latest 24 hours before), and schedule staff accordingly. Straight from the gate, we welcome guests in only, if there is space and staff in the Park enough to serve everyone. We close our Ticket Point and entrance normally 2 hours before closing the Park. After this you can try to call us, if you still have enough of time to enjoy with us :)


We might close the gates earlier or not to even open them at all, if there are no pre bookings.


Taxi: +358440666766  from where and when ever to Arcandia -10% of normal prices.

By Car: big parking area (free of charge).

Address:  Kaakkoisrinteentie 2, 99130 Sirkka

Transfers: Levi Centre (Snowmobile Park - Levi) - Arcandia and back, 10€/passenger, by pre-booking.



18.-26.10   Wed - Thu at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00

27.10          Arcandia Eclipse III, updating later


Winter Season part 1

22.11-30.11   Wed - Thu at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00


Christmas Season

4.-16.12     Mon - Sat at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00

18.12-6.1   Mon - Sat at 14,45, 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00

                  Sunday 24th at 16.45 and back latest at 20.00

31.12          New Year, New Moon II - Event, updating later


Winter Season part 2/Spring

8.1-21.3   Mon - Fri at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00


Park rules & Security

You are welcome to take pictures and help spread the word about our amazing place! Please tag us in your posts: @arcandialevi @arcandia.arcticadventurepark #arcandia #levilapland

Please note that our visitors are always responsible for their own actions in Arcadia.

We try to make your visit as easy and safe as possible despite the challenging weather conditions.

Unfortunately, our park is not suitable for wheelchairs at this moment.

Please, do not approach any buildings which are marked "NO ENTRY" or behind fences for safety reasons!


Our cozy Hunter´s Hut -restaurant will be open to feed your hunger and quench your thirst. Please don't bring your own food to our park.

Any kind of littering in the area is strictly forbidden! There are waste sorting points for garbage.


Pets are not allowed to the park.


experience giftcard

What could be better gift to anyone than having fun and unforgettable day/night in unique atmosphere!


Arcandia´s Experience Giftcards is usable in all our experiences fully or partly. Also in VIPs.


There are three ways to get it:

Pay it through here, print and send the receipt with all the necessary info to the receiver. Pay 10€ extra and we will send you our original giftcard.

Third option is to stop by in the park and buy the original gift card straight from us without any extra costs :)

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Näyttökuva 2022-7-3 kello 11.00.31.png

Contact us: offers, bookings or just questions, feedback!

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Phone:  +358503234974   (during park opening hours)

Out of opening hours +358405393764

Park Address:  Kaakkoisrinteentie 2, 99130 Sirkka



CEO, Executive Producer, Owner, Creator


Viivi Autio


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