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Park ticket

With this ticket you are welcome to the Park Side once.

All experiences are paid with Arcandia coins. 1 Arcandia Coin included.

Price: 20€/adult,

15€/7-12y. child with an adult. 

Under 7y. free of charge with an adult.

Park pass

With this Pass you are welcome to Park Side freely during our opening times for the whole season (October 2023 - March 2024).

No Arcandia Coins included. 

Price: 30€/adult,

20€/7-12y. child with an adult. 

Under 7y. free of charge with an adult.

business pass

This pass can be used once in a day by anyone for the whole season (October 2023 - March 2024) during our opening times excluding bigger events. No Arcandia Coins Included 


Price: 300€/ticket

Arcandia Coins/Village games

Arcandia has its own language and currency. 

Old Germanic rune language is from the ancient goths, scandinavians and english people. We are using mainly 25 rune-alphabets, which you can find many places from our park example from the coins. 


All Non-Stop experiences in Arcandia: Village Games, Knockerballs,

Human Snow Ball, Mini Snowmobiles, Snowtube Sliding are running normally during our public opening times at the Park Side and paid with Arcandia Coins. 

Village Games can include different types of games like archery, axe & spear throwing, nailing, ring toss, slingshots, catching the arrows from the air, boffering etc... By playing, you can win prices!

You can buy Arcandia Coins in advance with the tickets or from the Park at any time.


Price: 3€/coin, 25€/10coins


Village Games           1 coin/game

Knockerballs             3 coins/person

Human Snow Ball     5 coins/person

Mini Snowmobiles    3 coins/person

Snow Tubes               3 coins/person




Opening hours

opening hours


VIP - Groups are welcome to the park any day all year-round and any time with reservations beforehand by possibilities.

Park Side Opening hours for public on Season IV

(2023-24):  updated 1.4.2023




18.-26.10   Wednesday - Thursday at 6-(8pm*)10pm

27.10         Arcandia Eclipse III (Halloween) - Event


Winter Season part 1

22.11-30.11   Wednesday - Thursday at 6-(8*)10pm


Christmas Season

4.-16.12     Monday - Saturday at 6-(8*)10pm

18.12-6.1   Monday - Saturday at 4-(8*)10pm

                  Sundays 5-(6)8pm

31.12          New Year, New Moon II - Event


Winter Season part 2

8.1-19.1   Monday - Friday at 6-(8*)10pm


22.1-16.2    Monday - Friday at 5-(6*)8pm

VIP Event in Arcandia at 8pm

19.2-21.3    Monday - Friday at 6-(8*)10pm

*OBS! In season IV we take in mainly visitors with pre-tickets, and we schedule staff accordingly. If there are people coming to the gate without pre-tickets, we let them in only, if there are space and staff in the Park enough to serve everyone. We close the Ticket Sales and entrance 1-2 hours before closing the Park. We might close the gates or not to even open them at all if there is too rough weather (too cold, over -30 degrees, big storm, etc..). This doesn´t concern Action Park - reservations, Park Tours, Arcandia Dinners, or other VIP sessions.


Taxi: +358440666766  to Arcandia from where and when ever -10% of normal prices.

There is a big parking area for cars (free of charge).

Address:  Kaakkoisrinteentie 2, 99130 Sirkka

Transfers: Levi Centre (Snowmobile Park - Levi) - Arcandia and back, 10€/passenger



18.-26.10   Wed - Thu at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00

27.10          Arcandia Eclipse III, updating later


Winter Season part 1

22.11-30.11   Wed - Thu at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00


Christmas Season

4.-16.12     Mon - Sat at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00

18.12-6.1   Mon - Sat at 14,45 (only for Outdoor Laser Tag), 15.45,

                  17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00

                  Sundays at 16.45 and back latest at 20.00

31.12          New Year, New Moon II - Event, updating later


Winter Season part 2

8.1-19.1   Mon - Fri at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00


22.1-16.2    Mon - Fri at 16.45 and back latest at 19.45

VIP Event in Arcandia at 8pm

19.2-21.3    Mon - Fri at 17.45, 19.45 and latest back 22.00

Transfers are only by pre-bookings.

Hunter´s Hut

Grill by Yourself



Sausages, Hot Dogs, Meat Buns, Veggie Balls



Stick Buns, Giant Marshmallows, Lappish Cheese


Enjoy example Mud Vell or Keen Broth on our cozy outdoor terrace. A cold dark/smoky Reindeer Piss by the indoor fire or Drinks for Sinners with poisons, as long as you enjoy!


hunter´s hut

A bit more crispy concept!


Arcandia is about experiences all the way and here you will mainly cook your own food by our big indoor fireplace.



We use normally Shaman´s Cave

(in Shaman Village) as our VIP Dinner and Event space but also as a Pop Up - cafe/bar/restaurant/event space for public by possibilities during the high season. 


Here our Shaman Witches do also their Rituals and readings.

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