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the shaman witch

Sometimes you can meet Viivi at the Park Side reading with runes or Bee Wax. She is the Chief of all Shaman Warriors, Commanders and Witches, owner and creator of Arcandia.

She can make you see the Park like you cannot see it otherwise and tell the story, which without you cannot understand fully what you see.

Unlike most other witches, she never wanted to become one. She is a realistic, entrepreneur, producer and began to create a fiction park.
Then started to happen things, t
hings you cannot explain anymore with common sense.

A tour with her will probably change the way you think about life, pull out deep motions and leave unrealistic feelings. How is it possible?
How does
 she know?

We do not recommend this experience for young children, but if you think your kids would understand and enjoy the experience, we have nothing against it either.


"It´s easier to read people you have not met before".
First contact is always the most purest.
Don´t tell me what has happened. I don´t want to know. I´m just telling you, what are you storing inside and giving out and where it might bring you. You decide what will you do with the info, and when."


Duration about 2h. Price. 89€/adult, 69€/3-12y. 

Entrance fee to the Park Side, The Ring of Truth, Bee Wax Melting or Rune reading and a warm glögi (spiced juice) at the Shaman´s Cave included.

Noidis are not fortunetellers,

they are hyper sensitive and highly perceptive.

They read and sense energies and tell the odds for

your own outcome.


Every witch is different, but all of them use tools

like drums, runes, stars and cards.

Usually you can meet them at the Park Side in Shaman´s Cave or wandering around the Park, but also in longer sessions.

"Looking for answers, or coming only out of curiosity?"




Sun, moon, stars and planets, also earth itself are the biggest energy sources for all living beens on earth. Thousands of years, people have tried to understand how they impact on us.

Astrology is one of the sciences, which is studying the connection between the energies of the sky phenomenas and humans. Year by year we get to know more, but there have always been also beliefs and stories about them. Horoscopes are one the oldest and most well-known ways to interpret this connection. Are they just a myth or do they really explain something about us?

Johanna Karpov is one of the well-known Astrologers in Finland.

Short individual chart readings at the Park Side
(no pre-bookings) or VIP sessions by possibilities.
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