Arcandia Village is our

main village.

This village is surrounded by beautiful buildings with astonishing light effects.

From here you can find our Hunter´s Hut restaurant, some Village Games, Village Shop, Arcandia´s Dinner house and entrance to the Action Park and Arctic Colosseum.

secrets of arcandia
AR - park TOUR


What is Arcandia, why and when it was built for, what happened, who owns it, what is inside the buildings etc? All these questions are answered with virtual guides and 360° experiences.


Follow QR - codes around the park and get to know Arcandia with your own speed through your own phone.


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There are two breathtaking walking paths in Arcandia: Path of Light and Path of Darkness.


Both of them are leading visitors deeper into the park all the way to the Bridge of Destiny.


Next to the Bridge there are old abandoned Fairy Cottages. A Noidi (Lapish witch) has moved into one of them. Only she knows all the right answers and questions.


Noidis are not fortunetellers, they are Shamans who are connected to energies around you.

They are hyper sensitive and reading through energies.


Noidi´s most important tools are drums and runes.


Duration. 10-30min depending on group size

Price. 3 Arcandia Coins


Arcandia has its own language and currency. 

Old Germanic rune language is from the ancient goths, scandinavians and english people.

We are using mainly 25 rune-alphabets, which you can find many places from our park example from the coins. 


All Village Games in Arcandia and Shaman Villages, Noidi and Knockerballs are running Normally Non Stop during our public opening times and paid with Arcandia Coins. One coin is costing 3€ and you can buy them from the Ticket point, Hunter´s Hut or Shaman´s Cave.

Village Games can include different types of games like archery, axe and spear throwing, nailing, slingshots, catching the arrows from the air, boffering etc...

Price. 1 Arcandia Coin/game. By playing, you can win prices!

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and Non Stop Activities


experience giftcard

What could be better gift to anyone than having fun and unforgettable day/night in unique atmosphere!


Arcandia´s Experience Giftcards is usable in all our experiences fully or partly. Also in VIPs.


There are three ways to get it:

Pay it through here, print and send the receipt with all the necessary info to the receiver. Pay 10€ extra and we will send you our original giftcard.

Third option is to stop by in the park and buy the original gift card straight from us without any extra costs :)

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A bit more crispy concept!


Arcandia is about experiences all the way and here you will mainly cook your own food by our big indoor fireplace.

Grill Yourself:



Reindeer sausages, Hot Dogs, Meat Buns, Veggie Balls



Stick Bunns, Giant Marshmallows, Lappish Cheese


Enjoy example a hot glögi or Hut Chocolate on our cozy outdoor terrace or a cold dark beer by the indoor fire, as long as you enjoy!


hunter´s hut