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Private event in Arcandia for your customers, company or friends and family, will exceed your imagination! 

Company events, shows, bachelor parties, exhibitions, weddings,

festivals, secret VIP bar, birthdays, etc..


And if you are wondering, for how many people we can arrange events or festivals on our area, you would be surprised. Just make a wish, and let us create an event beyond your dreams. 

You can choose one, many or all our areas on your use privately:


Main Village, Hunter´s Hut, Village Shop, Arcandia Dinner houses.

This Village can be modified several ways into so many events for max. 50 people, dinners and p
arties with stunning surroundings, lights and music!

Arctic Colosseum has a spectacular atmosphere.

A unique arctic outdoor arena offering activities, experiences and events.


Our special light and sound systems lift the spirit for the monumental fighting and show arena!

Size: 350-400 square meters depending on the snow.

Capacity: bigger events possible up to 400 people.


Development is continuing on following years.

Action park

Mainly unforgettable outdoor action experiences max. 40 people,

but this area is also amazing for so many other things and can be modified in so many ways