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Northern Magician

Northern Magician

Hold your Jaws!!

Next season will be full of Magic during the whole main season December - February when The Northern Magician will explode everyone's brains with mental magic and illusions in Arcandia!!!


You can enjoy just the Show & Park Side, unforgettable Show & Dinner & Park Side or full experience adding also other our unique adventures and activities to the package.


This show will be produced with one of the best Magicians in Finland and based into serious magic for adults, but will be modified into family friendly so that even the smallest in the family don't have to be scared and will be taken under attention.

You can pre-book the ticket or pay it with Arcandia Coins at the Park if there are seats still available. We recommend warmly to pre-book the tickets cause these shows will be sold really fast!


Under 0-3y. free of charge. Kids always with an adult.

Official material, all shows and packages will be

launched in May so stay tuned..

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New Year NEw Moon

31st of December

Unforgettable New Year -event  for the whole family!

Experiences, Activities, Shows, Food, Drinks and FIREWORKS!


This year the Park is working normally on New Year with all our unique programs and shows at 15-21.30.

You can add these programs normally to your evening by availabilities by clicking the program.

At 15-21.30    Park Side & Hunter´s Hut open

At 15-17.30    Outdoor Laser Tag

At 15.00-17.00   Shaman Dinner

At 17.00-18.00    Northern Magician Show

At 18.30-20.30    Shaman Dinner

At 19-21.30    Outdoor Laser Tag

At 19.30-21.30    Arcandia Dinner

At 20.30-21.30    Northern Magician Show

At 21.30-22.30

Shaman - Witch parade + New Year Reading + Fireworks

You can pre-book the tickets to this program or buy them from the Park during the evening by availability.

You can also come only for this program without any other experiences/programs.


Under 0-3y. free of charge. Kids always with an adult.

We keep all the rights of the event and possible changes or cancellations.

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