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The Elf Court


The Elf Court is Santa’s highest council, whose main task is to declare who is nice and who is naughty.

The Elf Court is also a beautiful place with many thrilling amusements where Santa can enjoy his leisure time in the company of

Elves and children.

Arcandia's Adventure Park is divided into different experience areas - Arcandia Village, Shaman Village, Action Park, Arctic Colosseum, Paths of Darkness and Light, Bridge of Destiny, etc.


The Elf Court consists of Arcandia Village, its surrounding areas, and its structures.

Other areas and buildings of the park belong to the Warriors, Hunters, Shaman Witches and Magicians, which come to life after darkness falls.


Welcome to experience Arcandia's magical Elf Court and its exciting experiences!

A visit to The Elf Court is a memorable adventure for the whole family!

Nice or naughty?

and court´s amusements

First The Elves summon all those with a letter, who needs more closer review in front of the Court. The Court will take maximum of 32 guests in at the same time.


At the gate of Arcandia, Elves welcome the group and give everyone their own Ring of Truth according to the Court etiquette. Rings of Truth absorb the energy and color of their wearers, revealing their inner truth to the Elves, who they are from their hearts. If the ring shows warm feelings and colors, the wearer cannot be all black and cold.


On the way to Arcandia Village, we greet Court´s Reindeer, which you can also photograph! After this, the entire Elf Court area and its amusements are open to everyone.

Outside, the Elves like to play various Court Village Games, collide with giant Knockerballs at the Arctic Colosseum, slide down the hill with various sleds, and swing with Spider Swings! Arcandia Village is surrounded by the mighty buildings of The Elf Court.

Santa usually likes to read letters from all families (family by family) and enjoy Mud Vell or Keen Broth. Here, the Elves are also roasting giant marshmallows, decorating our Christmas tree and gingerbreads or making more Christmas decorations.

In the Hut the candles burn, and the real fire warms you, where it's nice to spend time together with Santa and Elves.


Finally, the elves distribute personal Court decisions/certificates to each of the guests, which one each belongs to, nice or naughty.








• The invite (letter)

• Ring of Truth (for to keep)

• Meeting the Elves and Reindeer

• Possibility to take pictures and videos

• Warm drink, water

• The Elf Court Certificate


 Court experiences:

- Decorating the Christmas tree

- Decorating and tasting gingerbread

- Christmas crafts

- Possibility to write a letter to Santa (if not done yet)

- Hill Sliding

- Spider Swings

- Target throwing of snowballs under 7 years.

- Snowball Slingshot shooting over 7 years.

- Archery over 12 years.

- Knockerballs over 7 years/length approx. 120-130cm

- Ring Toss over 3 years.

OBS! The main program is the same in both packages but in Giant you will meet Santa as well and have more time to enjoy everything.  


3 hours (max.32 guests)



1,5 hours (max.32 guests)



2-way transfers available from the Levi Centre 12,50€/person. Under 3y. lap toddlers free of charge.

Arriving by car, there is a big parking lot

for free of charge.

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